Acrylic on canvas 91.4x60.9cm 36"x24"   $1500 US Oil on Canvas 60.9x50.8cm 24"x20" $500 US Oil on canvas 36x24" 91.44x60.96cm $1000 US Acrylic On canvas 86.3x119.3cm 34x47" $900 US Acrylic on canvas triptych 66x67.3cm 26x26.5" $800 US Mixed Media on canvas 101.6x40.6cm  40"x16" $1500 US Oil on canvas 76.2x101.6cm 30x40" $700 US Oil on canvas 144.78x101.6cm 57x40" $1200 US Oil on canvas 91.4x60.9cm 36x24"  $1500 US Acrylic on canvas 60.96x50.8 cm 24x20" $800 US Mixed media diptych on shaped canvas 109.22x111.76cm 43x44x1.75 $1500 US Acrylic on shaped canvas 91.44cm x 60.96cm 36x24 SOLD Mixed media triptych on shaped canvas 91.4x60.9cm  36x24 (variable) SOLD Acrylic on canvas 8x10" 20.3x25.4 cm $200 Oil on canvas diptych 44x20 111.7x50.8cm (variable) $500 US Mixed media triptych 55.8x137.16cm 22x54 (variable) $700 US Mixed media on shaped canvas diptych 125.7x116.8cm  49.5x46 Sold Mixed media on canvas 101.6x40.6cm  40x16 $1200 US acrylic on canvas triptych 122x116cm 48x46 $1500 US SOLD
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Acrylic on shaped canvas 111.76x83.82 cm 44x33"  triptych $1200 US Oil on canvas 36x24" 91.44x60.96cm $1200 US Oil on canvas 36x24" 91.44x60.96cm $1800 US Oil on canvas 12x36" 30.48x91.44cm $800 US Oil on canvas. An early work that I wanted to show. Not for sale. Oil on canvas 24x24" 60.96x60.96 cm $1000 US Oil on canvas 48x24" 122x61cm $1200 US Oil On Canvas 129.5x68.5 cm 51x27" w/ frame $1500 US Oil on canvas 76.2x60.9cm 30"x24" $1200 US
I’m Bart Van Musscher. My paintings range from representational to pure abstract in oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, pen and pencil.  I am also one of a very few artists who work in shaped canvases. I paint what I feel and what moves me at the moment which also dictates the medium and my style.  I hope that you find meaning in my work. “With a handshake”, Bart
Thanks to my lovely wife Kate for, well, everything.
Your questions and comments are always welcome. Contact me at 904 612-3195 (U.S.) or e-mail at
Acrylic on canvas 68.58x58.42cm 27x23"$900 US Acrylic on canvas triptych SOLD Acrylic on canvas 101.6x40.6cm   40x16" $1200 US Acrylic on canvas $300 US Acrylic on canvas 20.3x20.3 cm 8x8" $200 US

Jacksonville, Florida en Amsterdam, Nederland